The Polytechnic Library has the following collections:

Open Shelf Collection

The Open Shelf collection is the main collection of books on a wide variety of subjects. Items may be borrowed for the normal loan period. Books are arranged according to the spine number in an alpha-numerical order from 000-999. This collection is housed on Levels 3 and 4.

Multimedia Collection

The Library`s digital and audio-visual resources are housed in this collection which is located on Level 3. It includes CD`s, DVD`s, Videos, Stiffy Diskettes and Audio Cassettes. Items may be borrowed for the normal loan period. In addition, it has three small units with television sets to view educational resources available to users. Please click on any of the following links to view a list of titles which are available in the Multimedia Collection.

Stiffy Disks

Easy Reading Collection

This a small collection of popular fiction was started to encourage students to read books written in English, so as to improve their English skills. Found on Level 4, the books can be identified by a blue dot on the spine. Their shelf numbers range from 800-899. Items may be borrowed for the normal loan period.

Reference Collection

This collection include encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases and directories to be used for reference purposes in the Library only. Located on Level 4, reference books can be identified by the letter 'R' on the spine, e.g. R 330 ENC

Study Collection (Short Loan)

Prescribed textbooks, materials for assignments and lecturers` notes are kept in this collection which can be found on Level 4. As students are required to purchase their own copies of prescribed books from the official bookseller, only a limited number of copies of prescribed textbooks are kept in the Study Collection. To ensure access to as many students as possible the loan period is restricted to two hours for use inside the Library only.

Namibiana Collection

This is a collection of about 3000 books and other publications on Namibia, as well as those published in Namibia or written by Namibians. Items are for users` perusal in the Library only and can be accessed and consulted on Level 4. The Library aims at giving greater access to Namibian related publications by placing additional copies in the Open Shelf Collection

Periodicals Collection

Academic journals, a small number of popular magazines and several local and South African newspapers are held of Level 2 in the Periodicals section. They are for consultation only, so as to keep them accessible to all Library users. The latest journal issues are displayed on the Library shelves while older numbers are arranged in magazine boxes, alphabetically according to title. Please note that some of the Library`s print journals are available online through the Polytechnic Library online journals. Newspapers are issued at the Periodicals Information Desk for reading in the Periodical Section of the Library. Older newspapers are only kept for three months.

E-journals and other e-resources can be accessed through the computers provided in the Periodicals Collection for this purpose. Library staff can be requested for assistance.

A set of the annual Polytechnic Prospectus is also available for use in the Periodicals Collection.

Thesis Collection

This small but growing collection consists of masters and doctoral theses and dissertations, including some by Polytechnic staff and students. It is located between the Reference and World Bank (NDIC) collections on Level 4, Items may only be used inside the library.

Article Collection

This small collection consist of academic articles published by academic staff of the Polytechnic, as well as some brochures and pamphlets with relevant information on various subjects. The items are kept in a file at the Periodicals Information Desk and are made available on request, but for use in the Library only. Individual items may however be photocopied by users. Those items on which the Library received copyright permission, will also be available on the Ounongo Repository.

UNESCO Collection

This very useful collection of reference or non-circulating material is located on Level 4. It consists of books produced and published by UNESCO, as well as publications on education, science, culture and communication. The collection was donated to the Polytechnic Library by UNESCO. The abbreviation 'UN' is used on the spine labels to identify items in this collection.

World Tourism Organization Collection

The Polytechnic Library is a depository of the World Tourism Organization`s publications. They form part of the Open Shelf area on Level 3 and 4 and are available on loan. The abbreviation 'WTO' on the spine label identifies them as belonging to this specialized collection. Items may be borrowed for the normal loan period.

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